Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The new haircut and more...

I have had my hair cut again but this time went for a restyle…I think it is the first time I have changed the style of my hair since I was 13 when it went from a side parting to a quiff…nothing too drastic but ever so slightly continental/soviet… the back is being kept longer and is on the way to become a mullet, the sides are short (perhaps too short) and at the front there is a short fringe. Now describing it like that does not really do justice to the reactions that I have had which have gone from ‘cool’ and ‘handsome’ which I take as positive through to those that are more ambiguous such as ‘you look like Dima’ [Dima is a popstar] which can be interpreted as either a compliment or otherwise right through to ‘oh, I am sorry’ and ‘did you cut it yourself’…! So I think the jury is still out for a while but I quite like it which is what counts… we will have to see if I can pull it off in the streets of London and not Zhitikara thought!

Disability training went well on Sunday but meant that I lost my weekend as I was working with Alibek on Saturday and Sunday getting the translations and format correct. Still needs rework as it is perhaps too technical and lecture like in places. Will give the reworked training to social health workers next week hopefully and also to students at the technical college. I need to work on the delivery because with this not being my specialist subject I found I needed to refer to my seminar notes a little too often for my liking but this should improve the more times I hold the seminar and become familiar with the topic more.

At the moment in a protracted battle with DHL as to why the do not deliver my parcels to Zhitikara but think that dropping them at the regional office in Kostani will suffice! With such infrequent visits to Kostani I generally have a parcel waiting which they cannot wait to get rid of. But last time I went I was asked to pay 5000 tenge (just under a weeks wage) to release my parcel from customs which I, of course refused, so I am now having to get various letters from people to say that the parcel is mine and not work related (it is Sex and the City DVD season 3 so not even kinda related to work) and then it will be dropped off to the regional office for me to collect – how considerate. And as I have now finished season 2 which I got for Christmas this makes the process even more frustrating.

Last night some of the kids at the orphanage put on a dance show – a break dancing routine and then two girls did a dance show. It was great that they were using the entertainment equipment which VSO gave a grant to me to buy for the orphanage and that this was the first time the kids had organised the concert themselves without the direction of the matron. With only two rountines the concert was short but it was followed by a disco for about twenty minutes and I of course joined in. When English or US songs come on I am always asked to translate them which I do to the best of my ability but I decided translating ‘my humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps’ was best left alone!


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