Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Comedy Clubs

Got home finally but after a lot of palaver… with the roads closed on Friday there was nothing for it but to head out for pizza which was great. Four cheeses followed by fruit mouse cake. Taste overload.

With all the rain freezing on top of the snow just walking around has been treacherous and I fell over more times on Friday than every before and in the course of it managed to pull my neck. Just like the rest of my family and especially Steve such ailments are not suffered in silence and so it was probably a result of all my murmurings that I was instructed to lie upon a bed of nails at the home where I was staying. In actual fact it worked at taking the pain away from my neck but I think that was only because it was transferred to my epidermous which suffered from being prickled with 1000 needles. Lasted on the nail bed long enough to be polite but not a moment longer. After all I was crashing on the floor in this persons house for the second night!

The bus on Saturday morning we had tickets for never showed up so along with everyone else had to change them to a later bus which meant we missed the start of Jena’s training session in Lisakovsk. But all the volunteers were looking good in their red AIDS t-shirts which have been shipped out here courtesy of Alan.

I ended up going to the comedy club in the evening in Lisakovsk which I now understand about 30% of the words (it is difficult with music and when people are speaking fast) but only about 10% of the humour (that is primarily because most is just not funny although I would not dare say that here for fear of my life). Comedy Clubs are very big here. Teams from each town are formed – about 5 to 8 people – they do a stand up sketch which has lots of visual humour and then they are given phrases which they have to on the spot make a joke out of. Usually three teams compete against each other. On Saturday it was Lisakovsk, my town and Rudney. We won! The whole 500-seater theatre was sold out – they are really that popular. I know most of our comedy club team so it was good to see them win and I shared a bus ride back in the minibus so no more waiting at the bus station!

Back home now. Monday off work with a slight temperature. Maybe I am hardening being out here but this time I did end up in bed for a week like last time! Or maybe it was just luck. At any rate back at work and doing lots with disability awareness. Alibek is helping for the next week which makes things so much easier!


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