Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Banoffee Pie

Just been out for lunch and went to a place which served banoffee pie! Might seem insignificant but I think it has been my culinary highlight of the festive period especially after it was following a tuna mayo bagette... although expat hangouts may get a bit tired after living somewhere for a while I really enjoy them and have been indulging on European cuisine at every opportunity (beats porridge and heart). Also on the food front I saw some brocolli in the market here and never saw any in Almaty so for a late Xmas present I have some for Tina along with red cabbage and aubergine. I think she will prefer that to all the real Xmas presents i got her!

One Xmas present front just a warning to anyone who recieved socks from Zhitikara - my advice would be to wash them before wearing them and to put something else between your skin and the harsh wool (like your normal pair of socks) and to wear them like indoor slippers. And when you do wear them just think of me wearing them out of necessity with three other thick pairs of socks, thick insoles and fur lined boots just to keep my feet from freezing!

Back to Alamty tomorrow - New Years Day plans changed as we were meant to be going to an ecotorusim place about 4 hours away but no taxi would take us so we had to stay here. The upside was that we had 14 hours nonstop DVD watching with take out pizza which was a somewhat different but still very enjoyable way to spend New Years Day.

New Years Eve was with Sergey and his friends and we had a mini banquet with lots of toasts before moving onto champage. Out of nowhere a bottle of Verve Cliquot was produced along with some cheap local sparkling wine we found in the supermarket the day before. I personally stuck to the V Cliquot for my toast but most of the others that did then swapped thier fancy champage for the sweet sparkliing wine which allowed me to see the New Year in sipping VC for most of the early hours... and they say that the way you start your year sets a pattern and all that...

Will be back on Kazakh phone tomorrow 7 701 610 31 62

Happy New Year


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