Thursday, December 28, 2006


Arrived in Bishkek with little problem. Shared taxi from Alamty through the border and no problem with visa so fingers crossed it will be the same on the way back. Been to Sergeys university and the state museum which would double as a musuem of bronze castings of Lenin - not sure if the displays have been updated too recently.

Bishkek feels different from Alamty. Less traffic and pollution and more homogenous. This certainly is Central Aisa whereas in the ethnic Slavic populations hide this somewhat elsewhere. Great to see Sergey again and a familar face. This time I am on his turf and it looks like the days will be filled!

Going back up on the 5th January and at the moment got mixed feelings. I am really enjoying my time down here - Almaty and Bishkek are alive and busy which I really like with the trappings of London if you are looking for them. Taldy Korgan, where I spent Xmas, was sleepy but still had products, vegetables and fruti that i can;t get bakc in the north - we had a cauliflower with lunch on Chirstmas Day!. Life or maybe living seems to me to be easier here. But then I know that when I am in Zhitikara I can make more of an impact and assist people who would normally loose out on international support to the regional towns and cities also I have made a great community of friends and people around me so it feels like I will be going home. Got lots of work planned for February so should be quite busy when I return.

Looking further into the future I have confirmed my end of service. I'll be working through until the 23rd March and then will leave my placment before coming home at the end of my contract on the 6th April. Well over halfway now which seems crazy - some times it seems like the summer was last week, graduation and all the fun before I left but it was nearly 5 months ago! But at other times it seems like I have been here for a long time and the end cannot come soon enough! My emotions are a lot more stable than when I first arrived which is good becuase I am no longer liable to change what i feel in the space of thirty minutes...

Anyway going to get off and meet some of Sergeys friends.

For while i am in Kyrgystan I have a new sim card as the Kazakh ones do not have roaming and with the free credit a new sim was cheaper than using Sergeys phone. So for the next week until the 3rd Jan contact me on internationalo daialing code for Kyrgystan +996 ( I think) then 503 311 549. Back to +7 701 610 31 62 after the 3rd January.

Email service good here and internet cheap so will try to be online a few times so emails particularly welcome over the enxt few days!

Take care


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