Thursday, February 01, 2007

Disabled Centre

Went to the disabled rehabilitation centre yesterday to meet with the director. It turns out it is a flagship development and the 4th in the whole of the country (how it ended up here who knows) but it was really impressive. I was given a full guided tour (it only recently opened) and even got sat down to try some of the treatments all of which worringly involved electricity. The most worrying was being zapped with something like a magic comb which when run through my hair sent electirc shocks to my head. Not sure of purpose but told nothing dangerous... it is all medical!

The word for disabled here is invalid which gets me tounge tied the whole time and part of my training I am writine has commented on the role of langauge in disabling people.

Rain now gone and ice replaced it which in turn has been replaced by fresh snowfall today.. So nice t have snow again and be able to walk rather than skate down the street!


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