Saturday, January 13, 2007


Back home. Went ice skating on the first afternoon back in Zhitikara which was quite fun. I might even try to learnt o do it properly before I come back. The football picth - where I spent a very cold afternoon once - has now been turned into an iceskating rink. Well not the pitch itself but the part around the edge. You hire skates and then set off on an epic assult course ( the ice is not as smooth as you would want but then skating on water that has been sprayed on a football pitch is not probably ever going to give you a smooth surface!) and for an hour you can skate around. My skating was somewhat less skillful than everyone else who I reckon must have been skating since birth...

Then for the next 6 days I was rested up in bed with winter flu. I have been warned repeatedly about how strong the flu is here but I have been taking my multivitamins and the rest so was not expecting to be knocked the six like I was. Temperature up to 39 and more and three very uncomfortable days when nothing would take it away - Russian, Kazakh and British pills did nothing. Better now and spent most of the time when the temperature had gone watching DVD's and reading books that I had been given for Chiristmas so not all bad although of course I would have prefered not to be ill...but then with 7 of the 16 kids at the orphanage for Xmas ill I had no chance being the 'weak foreigner'....

Showed my head at work on Friday the first day I was up and about again and abck to start on MOnday.

Off email - not working on this computer ahhh


Anonymous Andrew from the chechen concert said...

Yeah nothing works for eas european flew as the time! 7 day atleas thats true ... by taking biotics and vitamins u actuall can prolong the time of it :D

10:15 AM  

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