Tuesday, December 26, 2006

On to Bishkek

Christmas is over. It was great ot recieve so many texts and a few calls. We ended up havign a traditional Christmas in the end and, having got up late, didn't eat until the evening so celebrated at the same time as home pretty much! Got some great presents which will keep me occupied when I go back north - books, star at night stuff ( the stars are so clear where I am), a book to teach you about folding napkins and DVD's!

On Boxing day we had an earthquake - we were watching a DVD early in the morning and then say the lights and assorted Xmas decorations start to sway and the sofa kind of rocked. Lasted a few seconds. It was 5.7 on the Richter scale but the epicentre was a over 300km away. Still I has everyone talking becuase this area is due for a big quake any time. In fact it is over due.

Had a great taxi to Taldy Korgan but the taxi home was not great - the windscreen was shot to pieces but was the best we could get. But the up side was the driver had to go slow in the fog and becuase of the unroadwortheyness of the car it was cheaper than expected.

Got my visa to go to Krygystan to visit Sergey and leaving this afternoon for New Year.

Having fun. Good to be in Alamty - such a different kind of life here. Really getting to like the city. There is so much to do and see.

Next post from Bishkek!


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