Friday, January 26, 2007

Stuck again

Well I am once again stuck away from home because the buses are not running.!! This time is it rain!! In the middle of January when temperatures are expected to fall to - 40 it is today scorching 4 degrees above which is not as welcome as you would think! The snow melts and forms sheet ice and so at the moment all roads between towns are closed as buses and cars are being blown off the road!!! Noone knows when things will open again but at least I am stranded in Kostani with a pizza restaurant, supermarket and friends rather than somewhere else.

Work is going well at the moment planning a conference for the end of February for coordinators of volunteer centres in the region in Volunteer Systems Management - there is someone coming out from VSO in London to lead the training. Otherwise I am at the moment constructing some training on disability awareness which I should hold next week or the week after depending upon when I can get an interpreter tospend the day with me to hold the workshop.

Orphange good witha few more kids arriving at the end of the quarantine which was imposed for a week last week! I am not subject to quarantine but the kids are so they were hyper after a few days. Think it was for nits as lots of the boys had thier hair shaved but was told it was officially that is was for food poisioning ... I think nits is more likely but not knowing the word for nits I was asking if the kids had cockroaches in thier hair which understandably had a negative answer!!!

Daisy - your ginger has arrived and the tea tastes great but your phone number is not accpeting my text messages and my email will not load here so I just wanted to say a quick tnahk you and when I get more of a chance I will make proper contact!


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