Monday, September 18, 2006


It was snowing the whole morning! Metled by this afternoon byut thismornign was bitter. Lots of juimpers and the first time my hair has met a hat in a long time. Things didn;t go too well but the hair had to suffer - it was too cold without the hat. Not quite sure if I will cope witht he -40! -4 seemed enough for me!

Spent the weekend in bed with a temperature and a cold but better today. The amount of weird medicines I have been given is crazy. Everyone who knew I was ill ave me their own remedy... on Saturday everning I was painted in with some red liquid which stung...and the one thing that worked... Day Nurse from home! Think I will keep an illness quite in the future...

Interpreter is on the up. The policeman on duty in the mayors office asked me to phone his sister who is visiting for a omnth and wou;ld like work experience. Spoke to her on the phone expecting the ususal broken English and was met with a fluentEnglish speaker. She is her from the West where she works with an oil firm and is bored at home while her husband works so would like to help me out to practice her English. Meeting on Wednesday and I hope she wants to work with me... I've got meetings lined up if she says yes!

Spent the morning in a school - gave a seminar on volunteering in Russian which was a little fly by the seat of your pants kinda thing and then gate crashed two English lessons which was quite fun apart from the kids don;'t really speak English - they write and know grammer and translations so a little hard work. Afternoon spent working on analysis of volunteering int he town - sounds very grand but really just my observatiosn to date and a plan for what I will do in the enxt omnth.

Going to buy coat tomorrow. Tried on one today and looked like Michalen man.


Blogger SteveandJo said...

Ha! Six months of "hat-hair" for you my boy!!

Wrap up, its gonna get brass monkeys.


12:23 PM  
Blogger sara said...

HA! We have company in the comment section. Well done Steve and Jo, you two too were brave enough to write an entry! (Just wanted to let mum know that I knew how to spell the difference between two and too - I remain continually amused at her lack of amusement at Tom's speling!)

BRRR it really is sounding chilly...I just got a shiver! Good to hear that the Kazakhs know as much about treating the common cold as we do....that old saying NOTHING is better than anadin remains true! Are you sure it was the night nurse, or do you think that was just the placebo effect.....though to be honest suffering from a temperature in a remote mining town in Kazakhstan whilst living in an orphanage after just having eaten heart broth, anything familiar was likely to have a good effect, placebo effect or not!!

Great story about the heart....made me do a hearty chuckle!

From my own experience in Turkey, hearing someone speak near fluent English when you haven't properly spoken to anyone in ages is just amazing....though of course your experience has been tempered by the regular and wonderful phone contact....aah it wasn't like that in my day!!!

love you tom

wrap up warm, and don't breathe too deeply

Sara x

5:01 PM  
Blogger Tom Ketteley said...

My spelling is not that bad - try typing in sub artic condictions on a russian key board whichi is from the early 1990s and then see how good the spelling is!

3:21 AM  

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