Tuesday, September 12, 2006

How could IU forget each day to mention the temperature!!

Well up until Friday last it has been between 32 and 36 degrees each day. Friday was the same - 33 degrees....

Friday 8th - 33 degrees
Saturday 9th - 23 degrees
Sunday 10th - 22 degrees
Monday 11th - 20 degrees
Today - 15 degrees

I was told that the seasons change fast but the local paper is saying that there will be snow early this year - by the end of September before warming up and then winter starting... my jumper made its first appearance yesterday and tomorrow if it is as cold as it is today the coat will be comgin out... so looks like we are sliding into winter here!


Blogger sara said...

Tom, great to read your blog....sounds like you are settling in well...enjoying local customs, local booze and local language skills!!

Just to let you know....temperatures here are nice and mild, a warm 26 today, though a little humid. It has been fresh and breezy and warm for the last few days....we are expecting rain for the rest of the week.....i don't suppose you will see much rain!! We are gently slipping into autumn, whereas you sound like you are hurtling headlong into winter!!

keep well, don't breathe too deeply, and i'll call later this week. love ya sara x

12:43 PM  

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