Monday, August 21, 2006

First from Zhitikara

Hey everyone. I have made it up to Zhitikara and it is living up to the expectations of the placement discription. It is certainly industrial - there are miines everywhere along with the spoil heaps. I flew up in the most crazy prop plane which took 4 hours - it was only 8 from London! It was decked out in the main Kazakh colour of turquoise blue. I had over 54 kilos of luggage exculding hand luggage and negotiated my way onto the plane with it all! It pays to have watcehd so many episodes of Airport!

I was met at the airport by my colleague, Sveta, and she will be working with me in the youth centre... they took my picture as I was walking out of customs. I wasa then taken to the Youth Centre in the regional town where I met some of the b\volunteerrs there and hed tea before the Deputy Major of my town arrived. His name is Marat and his job role is deputy Akim - the Akim iis the local government and this is where I am using the internet ( the two people in the room are looking at me in awe about the speed at which I am typing). We then embarked on the 3 and a half hour journy here through the steppes - vast flat land punctuated by three inducstial towns and I am based in the one fuirtherst awayt. All along the journey the only other traffic was heavy trucks moving deposits of materials about. It truely is industrial.

I was treated like a a king when I first arrive d- put in the birdal sweet int he lo0cal hotel becuase it has hot water... in the town there is no hot wter until October so this was a luxary... but as it had not been used for a while it seemed the water was brown for the first few minutes and then chucked out brown periodically making it a little less appealing but I thought I would make the most of on tap hot water.

I am consious that I need to get of the computer as I am dirupting someones day by sitting here. I have read all your emails and facebook messages and please keep them coming. I am on a traiing courcse for the next week andf then will be abkle to fill in more about my role and the town itself... keep you on tender hooks.

In the mean time if you want to call me you can get me on 007 701 610 31 62 for the next week or so and then I will change numbers to a differert netwoerk with better and more reliable signal... really look forward to hearing form you... if you are reading this you must be kinda interested in wehat i am doing.

Enought Got to go....(and mum Sarah Wollaston loves my spelling mistakes because she thinks they are intriguing!)



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