Thursday, September 14, 2006

Translating problems

Down to 7 hours a week... so need to get this sorted out. Very difficult to work without translator and to conduct meetings and so on. So looking into different variations as to how I can get more access to an inturpreter but this is causing a few waves here! But I have had 30 minutes today, nothing tomorrow or Monday and 3 hours on Tuesday - not enought to really work effectivly when I want to hold meetings to get things started up.

Temp down to 12 today and the wooly hats are out but I have been told there will be a reprive before winter truely starts.

Had amusing discussion with cook in the canteen today who slopped on some meaty looking chunks over the porridge (the staple for breakfast, lunch and dinner). She said it was not meat. So I asked what it was. Heart. Heart? Yes of a cow. I class that as meat rather than the delicacy she was telling me it was! Still picked out the meat and had to eat the porridge with the gravy which smelt and tasted like a butchers on a hot summer day! Nice!

In other news and on a lighter note I have been spending more time in the givernment office (I am now working here each day) and the most popular ring tone is 'Yo shorty' - 'yo shorty, its your birthday. We're going to party like its your birthday. I don't really give ...' which makes me smile when they get calls!


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