Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Online again... getting a little too regular.... almost read the emails in my inbox that have backewd up but not quite yet.

Tummy has been a little fragile since I moved into the orphanage so taking it easy from the food there today which seems to be doign the trick. I have told all the cooks that I do not eat meat which they find difficult to fathom but I think it has got through becuase with lunch I was given a plate with my food. When I asked what it was for I was told it was to put the meat from my meal on! So it is a start at least.... I'll wait a bit before I bring them my Jamie Oliver recepie books from my room!

Did some work today! It does look that more than 2 hours contact time with my psydo manager and inturpreter in the same place at the same time will be about as much as I can muster. I tried to discuss a plan of work yesterday - an outline for my week including aims and targets - met with muted response but today I was given something concrete... perhaps explainin that doing the plan of work at the end of September was too late and I had not come here to sit in my room not working got through. Once I get a little bit of research done then I will be able to get on and work independantly but at the moment this may be slower than I would like. Still no sign of volunteering at the centre but at least I have now met csome of the vbolunteers. Altrhough they are not voluinteering in the sense of volunteerign they are showing up to this room where the volunteer organisation is based and they are keen to do somethign with their time but at the moment it seems to be more like a youth centre than a volutneer organisation... that said I will be meeting them all on Firday and runnign a seminar to find out what it is they want from the centre and what they want to do.... fingers crossed about that.

Enough for now. Need to get off the computer now!


New phone number Kazakh codes - 333 157 45 34 ... network down a couple of hours most days. Most people who have got through do it ususally on the 5 or 6 attempt when calling from outside...


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