Friday, September 08, 2006

Seminar "What is Volunteering?"

First seminar went according to plan - "What is volunteering? ". Typical VSO stle with lots of paper and post stick notes only I was using the reverse of wall paper instead of flipchart as this is a lot cheaper! Covered all the material and people seemed interested and did not rush off at the end which cna only be a good sign. Handed out questionairre to find out what people are interested in and the results are intersting and confirming my suspicions that the young people are more interested in dance,drama and art than in violunteering persay but that there are many (relative terms when there are only 15) who want to volunteer as well so scope for some development here and perhaps using a youth club as a vehicle for volunteering?? Who knows?

Understanding a lot more of the Russian being spoken around me although not translating the new words into spoke conversation yet. But I understand things like when the kids in the orphanage (need to think of a better word to use) are told something I am getting whatthey have to do. It does pay off being emersed 24/7 in another languge - I hope I keep up this pace of learning!

Immigration police wanted nothing in particular but they had heard me on the radio so wanted to see my documents from what I could work out from the conversation between my line manager and the police guy - my inturprter was at school still when we went. They wrote down my name but that seemed to be it.


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