Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well back from the weekend - three days but it took a week with all the travelling. If [you have bene tryingt o contact me and got no reply it was becuase there was no signal in the village where we were staying (part of the VSO ecotourism project- more another time) or because I have changed my mobile number to 007 333 157 45 34 ... but I am having problems with texts at the moment - I can;t send any and many seem to be getting lost... so best to call. But if you do call I have been told it takes many attempts before you get through. If this carries on I will revert to the old nbumber...

Aim to get online everyday next week and sort out the backlog in my inbox as well as start to writie something meaningful. Just to update moving house tonight (I hope) to a kinda student halls set up - all kids in villages live in a mock boarding school and I have bene offered a room in there which I am goign to take becuase the building has just been refurbished, has hot water and there are other people there which beats sitting listening to the local radio on loop in the evenings...things are looking up. But as I have not yet moved my things watch this space!

Still not done any meaningful work but this is to be expected.... next week will be different!


Blogger sara said...


How brilliant to hear that you are alive and well in the middle of nowhere. I had been worried that you were wasting away on your kazakh diet of rice pudding for lunch and unable to get to the phone, but now I find out you were just out of mobile range....!

How is the temperature out there, is it still hot hot hot or has it started to get cold cold freezing yet! Mum mentioned the new place has heating.

Thank goodness you have managed to leave the groundhog day experience, local loop radio has its benefits, but I guess, as with most good things.....too much can be less helpful!

Just for your info....usually I don't think you would be interested, but I think all info is probably interesting at the moment,...germany beat ireland 1-0 and england beat andorra 5-0 in the football yesterday. mick is in stuttgart and apparently having a great time....though his mission as of 1 hr ago was to buy me a little pressie before he comes home!

Love you, careful not to breathe too deeply...really looking forward to a new update....


Sara x

5:58 AM  

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