Thursday, September 07, 2006

Perparing for seminar on 'What is Volunteering' today. Found out I need to have someone from the government/mayors office in with me while I conduct the seminar which I did not realised until today but that is fine becuase they are interested people and keen to hear what I am discussing.

Starting to see past the derelict buildings and smoldering rubbish around the town and as I get to know more people I am being taken to see things. Like today I foundout the cultural house, which I have been to before, has a cinema and a 700 seater theatre as well as night club! Spent quite a bit of the afternoon talking to two of the youngguys in the centre who have been writing music with anti drug messages and I was asking them if they wanted to share this with people and they came up with the idea of going into schools to tell children...I tried to put into practice the trainign I had done back in Birmingam after graduation about participation and bottom up approaches and for all my skeptisism then it actually worked. So next week we are going to see what they need to do before they go into schools - trainign themselves, permission, materials etc etc

Stomach settled down now - it had been playing up a bit. At lunch today I had the meat picked out of my soup - another small step forwards. Each morngin this week someone new has been draggedto my room to meet me. While I can introduce myself and talk about what I do I have no idea who they are at all becuase that part is always gabbled so fast! Today I got caught out because I had a lie in but I might be saved by the fact people wear house clothes so it is not unusual to be in casual clothes (like pyamas and T shirt) around the house .... althogh the bed hair may have given it away!

Going to the immigration police tomorrow morning ... and then the training session. I think there is some kind of concert in the evening so looks like a busy day!


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