Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My room smells like a municipal swimming pool after the window and surrounding area was cleaned with chlorine to treat the damp/mould. Wouldn’t be so bad if you could open a window or something but there has been no fresh air in my part of the building since September when the windows were nailed shut! Anyway with the stench of chlorine permeating everything in my room my clothes took on a rather special smell a few days ago. The first night after they cleaned the window I couldn’t sleep in the room so moved down stairs into one of the dorm rooms with the night nurse as it was too cold for us to sleep on the sofas without a heater in the lounge. Three days later I am still sleeping with my door open but the smell is moderating. The upside is that the window is now clear of any mould or damp…

The final countdown has begun and looking at my calendar I can’t quite believe 8 months is almost up. I seem to have a busy few weeks planned but pretty much tying up loose ends and fulfilling commitments rather than starting too much new. I think this weekend coming up will be the first weekend that I have not had any plans since before Christmas and I am looking forward to the rest although not quite sure what to do with myself – I guess a few DVD’s are in order and then I’ll head out about town taking photos as it could be the last opportunity. 3 Weekly Guardians have arrived this week so there is also a bit of news to catch up on.

After a cold snap down to -27 I am assured that from here on in it will only be getting warmer before I leave and there are no more forecasted cold spells although it won’t have got above 0 by the end of March when I leave.


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