Wednesday, February 07, 2007

School 3

Went to School #3 today to take part in their English lesson. I lent their teacher some large pictures that I have picked up in Almaty in the summer from the UK Embassy which had scenes of London and they had created a whole lesson about the UK and Kazakhstan. My part in the lesson was to be a tour guide around the sights of London while the kids asked me questions. The lesson went really well and they kids had obviously been putting in lots of work – now there is a generation of students of English from Kazakhstan who will be able tell you all about China Town, Admiralty Arch, Canary Wharf tube, Monument, Harrods and the Horse Guards but not much else about the main sights in London. But I think the important thing is that they will hopefully remember the time the English guy came to their lesson! Also it makes it more interesting not learning from books the whole time. Back there tomorrow to judge a talent contest of foreign languages – not quite sure what to expect.

Halfway through the lesson I was invited to join in with two of the guys who has learnt Yesterday by the Beatles off by heart and had written out it out for me. Karaoke is popular in a big way here. Steve would love it. The best thing about singing karaoke for me is that people are just impressed that I sing in English the tone, pitch and style seems to be less of an issue.


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