Monday, August 07, 2006

From Almaty

Hey! The first post from Kazakhstan but it won't be very long - not got much time at the moment. First impressions are great. Almaty is a pretty city which seems very Eastern European in feel. Much like Poland in many respects. But very Asian in complection - a lot more than I was expecting in fact. It seems weird to see Asian looking people talking in Russian but I am sure this will be a short lived observation. Started in country training today (ICT) and met the staff at the programme office - there are only 4 so I will be working close with them all in some capacity. Seamus (director), Madina (Programme Manager), Nessip (In Country Coordinator) and Gauhar (Office Manager). All very likable and fun. Nessip has drawn the short straw and will be taking me to Zhitikara on the 17th August. A mere 35 hours away! All for now. More observations when time allows.


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