Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I got a ticket to go to an RBD concert along with Julio and here is an article I wrote for the 'Diversions' section of the newly founded UPEACE student newspaper. The Diversion section is meant to be on the lighter side considering most people at UPEACE study conflict etc...
Diversions: Concert Review: RBD Tour Celestial 2007

Staff Writer Tom Ketteley (ILHR) reviews the RBD Tour Celestial which came to San Jose on 4 November

San Jose hosted the final concert of the Celestial Tour 2007 for RBD, the Mexican Latin-pop sensation. Although an invitation was extended to all the Mexican nationals on the UPeace campus, none of them were persuaded to join this historic event. Without their support, the 20,000-seater Saprissa stadium was unfortunately short of fans. An audience of 3,000 mostly 10 and 11 year-old screaming girls with their reluctant parents made up the majority of the spectators.

RBD was finally coaxed onto stage an hour and a half behind schedule. By this time, the organisers had invited all ticket holders down to the VIP area near the stage so that at least a respectable-looking crowd could be seen by the performers, even if the rest of the stadium lay empty.

The show started well with Anahi, Dulce Maria, Maite, Alfonso, Christopher and Christian bursting onto stage to perform Cariño Mio before calling out for the audience to forget about yesterday and tomorrow and live in the moment. RBD had energy and enthusiasm and the girls sitting near me were jumping from side to side as their fathers sank deeper into their seats waiting for the purgatory to end.

The dance routines had obviously been choreographed some time ago, as most of the set dance pieces featured at least one of the sextet either a few steps behind or, on a few occasions, doing a completely different dance. One would think they might be able to get it right after months of touring!

Yet this did not detract from the show. The evening progressed with hit after hit for over two hours including the classic Rebelde, the song which shot the group to fame back in 2004 on the back of the Mexican soap opera they starred in, as well as renditions of I Wanna Be The Rain and Este corazón.

Throughout the concert the group reminded the young crowd of the power of youth. Indeed during Tu Amor, Christian, who was recently outed as gay on the internet when pictures of his wedding in Canada surfaced on the internet, shared with the audience his thoughts that “sex, religion, and sexuality are not important” and that “everyone is equal.” Love matters most, he told his adoring fans.

Although the subtly of his plea for tolerance may have been lost on the young crowd, his words came across as truly heartfelt and the importance of such a message in Central America should not be undermined.

There was no telling if RBD were sad to be performing their final concert of the year or if they were glad to be coming to the end of a long world tour. Certainly, their acts looked tired at times. But the young Tica girls did not seem to mind; they were singing, dancing and dreaming with their idols for the night.
RBD is set to release its new album Empezar desde cero later this month, but after such poor turnout it is questionable whether RBD will be back in San Jose any time soon.


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