Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Someone once said there is only two weeks between a good and a bad haircut...
Being over seven weeks since I arrived it was definitely time for a haircut. Mohawks are very popular here and with the length of my hair was a real option for restyle and I figure best to fit in with the locals. So the choices on offer for the haircut were
  1. The grandmother of my Chinese next door neighbour
  2. A stylist in the American mall
  3. Local hairdresser

I figured I would go with a local hairdresser and when two friends came back with decent haircuts I plumped for Lillian who has a small kiosk in the market. I took Julio along as he is fluent in Spanish to explain exactly what I wanted. Lillian was really happy to see another of the students from UPEACE again and had a great conversation with Julio about UPEACE while attempting to cut my hair. This could have been where the problem started. Or maybe it was when I pointed to the poster on the wall of the 1980's hair model. She just chopped chunks of hair our from some places and didn;t touch others and in less than 10 minutes managed to scalp one of my ears and then proceeded to pour gel on my head. I was just wanting to get out from here range and I am not convinced Lillian has ever wielded a pair of scissors in her life. Julio insisted he told her what to do and that it looked good!

Back at Julios I washed the cheap gel out my hair and then frog marched him to another hair dressers to ask for them to salvage what they could of my pride! The woman pulled back my collar and laughed as the back of my hair was not only uneven but there was just a mark from where the electric razor shaved only part of it. So sh set about doing some damage limitation and said to Julio often she has to do this. I ended up with a grade 3 at the back and sides and 4 on the top so quite short and not the styled mohawk I was looking for but at least it is presentable now! (Mum before you worry it is not looking fine)


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