Thursday, August 16, 2007

It looked like mud

Costa Ricans are to rice and beans as Kazakhs are to porridge! Apart from rice and beans being far more palatable than porridge the variation of the beans theme tonight looked more like mud or a thick chocolate sause than beans. This was served up with what I think was turkey but the closest I could come to identifying it with the maid was but saying was it a 'big chicken but not a chicken
' to which she laughted and agreed with me.... but I never did find out the actual word. Still trying fruits that I have never seen or heard of before!

Braved Office Depot to buy a printer after classes today. I hope this is a smart move becuase it will mean I donĀ“t have to reply on the uni for all my printing especially at the weekends butI think it will be a more expensive option expecially considering the toner was more expensive that the lazerjet itself (the lazer jet was not much more than the inkjet). I even managed the conversation without too much pointing although inevitably there was a little!


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