Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Arenal weekend - foundation course over!

With the foundation course over most people headed out of Cuidad Colon to explore parts of Costa Rica and I was no exception! Six of us loaded up a car and headed out to Arenal - an active volcano famous for hot springs - about 4 hours from here. I chose to head out with another girl by the bus while the others drove with our stuff but we all crammed in the car on the a way back because it was easier than navigating buses on a public holiday. The journey was amazing and it was the first time I really got to have a look at Costa Rica as we wound around mountainous valleys covered in rain forest. Needed the toilet for most of the bus journey there which will be the lasting memory of the bus journey I guess through.

By the time the bus arrived the others had got there and we went to a hotel recommended by one of our Tico classmates. Clean and quiet it had unspoilt views up to the volcano which was covered in cloud for most of the weekend (which is typical especially in rainy season). Best of all was the swimming pool and jacuzzi which we immersed ourselves in as soon as we arrived. We sat around talking, going wrinkly and drinking wine from cartons for the who afternoon even during the rain and only got out well after dark. A perfect way to spend the afternoon. Somehow we decided it would be a good idea to head out to a nightclub and, after a head start from the afternoons relaxing, we were soon enjoying local shots of sugarcane alcohol which is potent. Bodyshots... need I say more? Not drinking them again any time soon....

Sitting beside the waterfall

Sunday was spent jumping in and out of ravine with local kids and swinging from a rope swing into the river at an unspoilt waterfall off the tourist track but recommended by our Tico friends. Such a beautiful place. We spent most of the morning there just watching everyone watching everyone else playing around in the water. Being studious the afternoon was spent reading some of the materials for the next course on International Law and having a siesta before going out for a real slap up meal to end the mini holiday. Monday morning was sunny and without a cloud in the sky so we could see the volcano and even got a tan!


Will definitely come back to Arenal to go and see the volcano properly - at night when there is no cloud you can see the lava flows down the side of the cone - and to go to the spas which we never made it to as we didn't leave the jacuzzi in the hotel! A great weekend getting to know the guys I went with better - Jeff (Canada), Camilo (Colombia),Roshni(Kenya),Anna(Czech Rep) and Sarah (Norway) - and perfect break from work to refresh myself for the next course.


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Hey, It sounds like you had a great time in arenal! I am going in October(I know it is rainy month) I would love to go to the place where you were swinging from a rope!!! It looks absolutely amazing. Where is this? You can email me dianemaldonadocolon@yahoo.com separately if you don't want this public. I would appreciate it so much!!!

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