Wednesday, August 22, 2007

First day back at school...

Just got home from my first day of UPEACE inductions and I had a fantastic day. Such an international and diverse group which I am really proud to be part of. Most of the day was spent getting to know people and introducing yourself – there are about 150 people so that is quite a lot of introductions to get through. Names, as it is for everyone, is a nightmare but slowly a few are sinking in and at least I recognised people I had met earlier in the day but when we all change clothes for tomorrows sessions I am not so sure of my abilities!!
Not actually made it to the UPEACE campus because overnight the road up to the site was washed away! This must have caused the staff some grief but they did not show it and we were relocated to a borrowed indoor basketball court with appalling acoustics but it really did not matter because everyone was there and I am sure this introductory session will go down in UPEACE memory as ‘that time the road was washed away’. People are living all over town and I guess on each street there must be someone living either with a family, in a flat or in a house so once we settle in the place will have a really nice vibe around town I think. There are people up also at the university, El Rodeo, and others out with me at Brasil de Mora and some I think even commute in I heard.
After general inductions we were given some teambuilding games and some get to know you type things (speed dating etc) and everyone was so eager to talk but often not about themselves which was refreshing – people are genuinely interested in you while you are interested in them! Makes an unusual conversation dynamic whereby you want to be the one listening! So had some great conversations today.
As we were in town were had to go find lunch and I commented I had been to this very friendly place so a small group of us went off there again and in the end the whole of the cafe for about 20 people was filled with UPEACE students. The ladies working there gave me a real welcome when I came in the door and an even more smiley goodbye after bringing so many people with me!!
A group of young dancers put on a small show for us in the afternoon and then we had some drinks before going over to someones house to sit down and get to know each other. Fun time but tired now. Was up well before my alarm at 6.30 this morning and so now feeling quite tired. Started to walk home after another classical music concert but ended up catching a taxi. Not sure what the fare should be so need to find out for next time but didn’t seem too high especially considering it was raining. Got home to really nice dinner of garlic chicken and pasta and watched the end of the football (Costa Rica v Peru – ended 1:1) with Fernando. Time to get some sleep before another exciting day.


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