Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Moving house

My language lessons ended on Friday and I finally managed to get onto study the past tense which now means I can say things like 'I worked', 'I studied' and 'I went' which makes my conversations flow somewhat better!

I arranged with my teacher to meet up with her and the Japanese guy I had met the weekend before for some drinks to celebrate my birthday. We were to meet on the third floor of the Outlet Mall at 7. So I got there at jut gone 7 and could only see a cafe, KFC and a cinema so I looked around and couldn't see a bar. Perhaps I got the wrong mall so I went and got a bus to the other mall nearby - Mall San Pedro - but here the only bars are on the ground floor. So I then walked to the language school to see if they were waiting there for me and the security gauard said that the teacher had left at 6ish. So by now my shirt is wet from sweat having been walking around so much and I resign myself to go home. When I arrive home my host mum says my teacher phoned and is worrie dthat I got lost. I give her a call and they had been in the Outlet Mall all along an were still waiting for me. I put on a bit/lot more aftershave and head out for round two. Had really fun evening in the end but it just took me 1 and a half hours to arrive!

On Satuday I moved to my new house near the university. I am living about 2km outside the town in a private complex with a young married couple who are both doctors. I have a nice room with double bed, desk and TV and the bathroom next door. Their house is very well kept and a stunning design - they built it themseleves. Over the weekend they really looked after me and took me with them to visit thier families so I feel very welcome. Everything is unpacked and my computer is set up, printer working and I am all set....


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