Friday, December 08, 2006

Internet problems

Been quite for a while as the internet in Zhitikara has stopped working for no reason that I can understand! Can't load any emails in the Akimat, the internet cafe (photo studio computer) has has the phoneline removed for no obvious reason and so the owners friend said I can use it is his company when they get their modem fixed. So basically I am without internet for the forseeable fturte - but today I am in the regional town witha good connection although little time/ Just been reading through a mountain of emails which I will reply to as soon as I can and came across two things which may be interesting to read (both relating to me)

First VSO Kazakhstan is being prfiled on the VSO homepage this month - and for when that changes try

Second is the LSE have followed me up in thier careers profile and placed an update which I wrote online here

So at least there is something to be getting on with.

AIDS day went well and Volunteer Day was stressful but I will do that justice at a later date. Just been to the AIDS centre in person and now the condom crisis is well and truly sorted out and I am walking round with a further three boxes of 144 condom sachets.

Taking holiday from the 18th and going to Almaty and a town nearby for Xmas with other volunteers and then on to Sergey in Bishkek for New Year.

Tired. Ill for the second time in so many weeks but this time have horse sized tablets to take which are brilliant which makes me think they are probably prescritpion only and as I had to mime my symptoms to the chemist could well be antidepressants! They all think I am slightly mad after the hunt for the female condoms which I have been told by the AIDS centre today are not avalible here anymore. So the question make over that has been lifted which is good.

Somehow ended up in a conference today at the interpreter college and found out they have a BBC news connection and while it is 6 hours by bus away from where I live I have a feeling I will be back again.


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