Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well weekend was good. Not got up to much. Strolled around the town making the most of the weather – it is unseasonably warm at about 8 degrees which is making am a bit nervous as but now I was expecting the winter to be fully in force especially when it snowed way back in September.

I think I had one of the most surreal moments of my time here so far last night when the volunteer centre which does not do much volunteering turned into a yoga class with all the volunteers doing yoga. Not quite sure where the change in direction came from but from now on every Thursday will be yoga for the volunteers. Interesting turn of events and I declined the offer to join in preferring to watch them all find their hotspots and hold their hands above their heads. Each to their own. But, apart from feeling a little uncomfortable, the good thing is that this centre is now finally doing something concrete with their time and engaging the kids so I am not knocking it and being very supportive of a somewhat tangential aside to volunteer work.


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