Sunday, October 15, 2006

Text me - phone number provided

It has been a while – work picking up and never get away in time to make it to the Photoshop where the computer it. Internet in the mayor’s office is still available but being more closely guarded!
On Monday went to the regional town for a brief meeting with the locally employed volunteer centre coordinator for the region as she has just come back a VSO training course in the Philippines. It was the first time I have properly met her and she seemed really positive and full of idea – she is even coming to visit on Tuesday for three days to run some seminars.

Brought my autumn coat last weekend and it would pass for a winter coat at home. Also got some leather cowboy boots with real fur lining – very toastie. I’ve become really good at buying things from the babooshkas on the street. Most days I get something from them whether it be spring onions or dried apples, homemade jams or tomato relishes. Still not very good at saying no after I have tried something but generally it all tastes great. The last tomato relish had a particular kick to it and spices up everything on my plate which is a good thing considering the amount of porridge I am eating!

I am pretty sure I have circulation problems because my fingers are blue the whole time so any suggestions are welcomed! What do I need to eat to improve my circulation… I am sure there is something but not quite sure what.

Having a very quite weekend. Cleaned my room completely and finally got around to putting up pictures on the wall – I had a few up but not all. Now my room is feeling very homely with everything in just the right place.

Nothing completely crazy happened – or maybe it has but I have not noticed! Things just settling into a routine which I quite like!

Spent last weekend at Jenas house, in the next town along, which was great fun. Rather than 5 hours in the bus to the regional town in the morning and then another five in the evening I split the journey into two and spent two nights with her. There are a few Americans in her town so we all met up and went out for a few drinks and to dance and the next night went for a banya/sauna. Felt great and looking forward to the next time – it felt very weird speaking English so much. I took my rucksack with me and the kids from the orphanage thought I was leaving for good!

Started English club in the orphanage so now everyone is saying ‘Hi’, ‘Hello’ and ‘How are you’ to me…. a few words each week and in six months who knows!

Feel welcome to text me on +7701 610 31 62. I always enjoy hearing from home.
Take care